Nowadays, the world of digital marketing has become more and more competitive. Businesses have been finding ways to have the most effective digital marketing strategy to compete with other companies. They look for content to include on their websites and social media profiles to attract more attention to their business. One of the website content that they seek is a video created by video production company Singapore professionals.

People have seen how attractive video content is. It can hold the attention of people much longer than a text or image. That is the reason why businesses want to include videos on their websites. Thus, they hire corporate video production Singapore companies to help them create these videos. In this article, we have listed our top 5 picks of video production companies in Singapore.

#1 – RECKN Studio

One of the top leading video production company Singapore agencies is the RECKN Studio. This company is known to put out many creative videos that resonate well with the type of audience they want to target. That is why businesses like Singtel, Adidas, Panasonic, and Puma trust RECKN Studio. Commercial videos, corporate videos, and brand videos are only some of the video types that they can produce. Thus, if you want to ensure creativity, hire a corporate video production Singapore firm like RECKN Studio.

#2 – Gram

If you are looking for animated videos for your website, the video production company Singapore business to contact is Gram. This top video animation studio provides services such as 3D or 2D animation, explainer videos, and motion graphics. Some of the other services they provide are training videos, testimonial videos, and event videos.

When it comes to big shot clients, Gram has plenty to feature. They have worked with Google and Uber and have created videos for them. The other notable clients that they have worked with in the past are Audi, Sony, and Huawei. If these big corporations were able to trust a corporate video production Singapore enterprise like Gram, you will too.

#3 – Storyteller Productions

Do you want to create videos for your website that tells a story that your audience can relate to? Storyteller Productions is a video production company Singapore team that you should collaborate with. They have a reputation for creating videos that went viral in Singapore. Aside from that, they provide other services like product videography, professional drone video, event videography, and corporate videography. They also offer professional editing that formats the videos seamlessly. Therefore, hire Storyteller Productions and allow them to tell your business’ story.

#4 – BIG 3 MEDIA

A company like Samsung needs corporate video production Singapore services. That is why they hire BIG 3 MEDIA to create professional videos for them. When it comes to professionalism, BIG 3 MEDIA has it. Their team of experts consists of talented directors and creative writers. They also have experts working during productions as well as editors working on post-production. This video production company Singapore agency makes sure that every video they create is top-quality.

Aside from Samsung, BIG 3 MEDIA has worked with many top-notched clients. Some of them are P&G, Visa, Nike, and Cheil. Hence, if you want to put out videos that bear the quality similar to the videos of Samsung, you know who to contact.

#5 – XTREME Media Pte Ltd

If you want a corporate video production Singapore company that has an award to prove their excellence, XTREME Media Pte Ltd is the one. This company was established in 1997 and is still highly-regarded by many. In fact. They are considered the major contributor to the Singaporean local broadcast. Their expertise in video production for television and new media platforms are widely known.

Their experienced and professional team of producers work closely with their clients so they can get a clear picture of what their clients want. Whatever their ideas were, they find ways to make them into creative realities. That is why XTREME Media Pte Ltd is a great video production company Singapore suggestion.

Singapore is not short of corporate video production Singapore service options. Aside from those mentioned above, there are a lot more companies that provide video production services. Each of these firms has their video production specialty. That is why you should figure out what type of video production service you want to acquire.


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