So, your baby is sick and you see some symptoms and want to sure that this is jaundice or not.

No matter which type of problem you are suffering from, if you want to know about jaundice, its causes,

and symptoms then you are in the right place just stick to this article until the end.

When babies suffer from jaundice then we say this disease is a name of infant jaundice, generally,

babies get this problem due to excess bilirubin in the blood.

Due to this chemical in the blood, you see yellow skin and yellowish eyes of your baby.

I know you do not understand anything, but to understand in normal language read on.

What is jaundice?

Jaundice is a disease that happens when the liver not able to process red blood cells properly and this generates bilirubin in the blood and this makes your skin and eye in yellowish color.

When a baby suffers from this disease then we say it with a new name and that is infant jaundice.

I know you read the word ‘liver’ above and now you are very serious about your baby or infant.

But, just chill this is a very common condition particularly in babies of 38 weeks.

This disease happens because the baby’s liver is not mature enough to work well with bilirubin chemicals in the blood. Sometimes this jaundice happens when the baby is already suffering from some normal disease like the common cold.

Most of the infant babies like 35 or 38 weeks do not need any treatment for jaundice but must visit to doctor.

In very serious condition baby need a doctor for jaundice, this disease only happens to make their liver and body strong enough to adjust to the life situation.

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Symptoms of jaundice in baby.

Yellowish of skin and white of the eye is the main sign of jaundice. Generally, you see this on the 2nd or 4th day of birth.

If your baby has mild jaundice, Mena’s you have a doubt then just press nose and forehead of your baby and leave it if you see yellow color on the place where you press then your baby is suffering from mild jaundice and this is normal.

Keep in mind that you see these symptoms on the day of light and then visit the doctor for further information.

When to go to the doctor?

Generally, this bilirubin chemical is at the peak in the 3rd to 7th of birth, and in most of the hospital, the doctor checks this and then discharges the mother.

But if your condition is different then when you see –

  • The yellowish color at the end of the legs.
  • Yellowish color in the abdomen of arms.
  • Yellowish color in the white part of the eye.
  • Have a very dark yellow color urine.

Then you can call your doctor or set an appointment for your baby check-up.

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Causes of jaundice in baby.

As you know the main cause of jaundice in the baby and that cause is bilirubin, which is responsible for yellow color.

But there may be some other cause, and if there is another cause for jaundice in a baby then you see all the above symptoms very earlier or very late from birth.

Some other causes for jaundice in a baby are –

  • Any medication side-effect.
  • If the baby does not get enough breast milk in time and baby formula.
  • This is general in premature babies.
  • This is a bacterial disease, which may occur due to natural bacterial infection.
  • Internal bleeding is also natural.
  • Not no compatibility between the mother’s blood and baby’s blood.
  • An enzyme deficiency, if baby not able to make more enzyme as need.

All the above are causes of jaundice in the baby. Make sure you take a doctor’s appointment fast.

Last words

If you reach this section of the article means you get all the information about the cause and symptoms of jaundice.

This is very natural in a premature or baby who does not get enough breast milk.

So, if you read this article only for curiosity then do not forget to get enough breastfeeding for your baby and on time.

If you like this article and you get answers to all your queries related to the cause and symptoms of infant jaundice then do not forget to share it.


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